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Here you will be able to purchase and stream ON DEMAND a selection of Masters of Choreography's colourful and highly entertaining dance performances, held in Melbourne's prestigious theater venues, such as Palais Theatre, National Theatre, Athenaeum Theatre and The Palms @ Crown. Several of these showcases were conducted in support of selected charities. All profits raised from the streaming rental of these showcases will be donated to the respective charities that we supported through these events. HAVE FUN AND KEEP DANCING!





A Fairy Tale Fusion of Dance

Our first amazing showcase and the event that officially launched our brand, Masters of Choreography. Held at the magnificent Palms at Crown, this beautiful venue created a magical stage for our first commercial dance showcase.

12 choreographers, 12 fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland (Ballet), Pinocchio (Urban), Sleeping Beauty (Latin Ballroom) and Little Red Riding Hood (Hip Hop), over 150 performers and the finale celebration of songs performed by the winner of Australia’s Got Talent and Australian superstar, Andrew De Silva, this showcase brought everyone to their feet and cemented Masters of Choreography as a force in commercial dance entertainment in Australia!


Held at the haunting Palais Theatre, this was the original showcase that brought to life so many nightmares and proved to be an outstanding hit with our audience.

A spooky, eerie showcase, 13 nightmares came to life by superbly choreographed dance routines encompassing several genres of dance fused with great music and terrifying costumes, all which was performed by an amazingly talented crew of professional dancers. There was the darker side such as the portrayal of Jack the Ripper, The Exorcist and Dracula, however there were also the lighter elements of nightmares through the depictions of The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Show. 

The show finale included a spectacular dance set of ‘Thriller’ by The King Of Pop Show. There was also a highlight feature performance of amazing live vocals by legendary Aussie rocker, Jimmy Cupples. 

Signs Of The  ZODIAC.jpg


A Dance Journey through the Mythology of Astrology

Held at the National Theatre, we were thrilled to once again bring to the stage some of Australia's most elite choreographers and their dance teams to present the star sign mythologies in their chosen genres of dance.

We took a dance journey through the stories behind the star signs of the Zodiac with dazzling and mesmerizing routines performed by a variety of dance genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Belly Dance, Commercial, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood and Street Dance!

12 Choreographers, 12 Star Signs, over 200 performers - this all ages dance showcase spectacular entertained with its array of talent, music and creativity. Another beautiful showcase with outstanding costumes, staging, lighting and music, whilst also featuring the dulcet vocals of Aussie songstress, Sarah C. 



Continuing our support of the Starlight Children's Foundation we brought this showcase to the stage again, only this time with different fairy tales, costumes and music plus a mix of new and resident choreographers showcasing their various genres of dance. With children’s favourites such as The Little Mermaid, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Pocahontas, Peter Pan and The Frog Prince performed to a variety of genres such as Ballet, Street, Jazz, Belly Dance, Brazilian Tribal, Urban and Tap by some of Australia’s best commercial choreographers, this was another crowd favourite. 

15 Choreographers, 12 Fairy Tales, 12 Dance Teams, over 150 performers - this all ages dance showcase spectacular entertained with its array of artistry and creativity. With an enchanting host, celebrity Penny Palman, this wonderfully uplifting and entertaining event was a must see for 2015. This dance variety showcase, which once again raised funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, offered something for everyone!



A Glittering Carnivale of Dance

This circus themed showcase held at the National Theatre brought together 12 choreographers and over 200 dancers and entertainers to showcase the extraordinary talents and circus magic of an era long gone – the Snake Charmer, the Strongman, the Wildcats, the Aviary plus many more presented through various genres such as ballet, hip hop, Bollywood, contemporary and street dance – this showcase brought to life the wonders of the circus to the beat of an amazing commercial soundtrack.



From the Clutches of Hell

Yes, we had to bring back the nightmares performed to your favourite genres of dance at the famous Palais Theatre. Following in the steps of the first Nightmare showcase, this show continued with the inside storyline of the child and her nightmares coming to life. We brought together 13 outstanding choreographers and over 200 performers to bring to life the nightmares that kept her awake at night – a street version of The Conjuring, a ballet version of The Omen and The Witch, a commercial jazz version of The Babadook plus some lighter pieces such as a street version of Ghostbusters and a jazz version of Beetlejuice.


This showcase proved again to be a wonderful hit with our audiences and ensured that we would return one day with the third and final instalment of the ‘A Nightmare on Dance Street’ trilogy. This showcase also incorporated live thumping beats from the beautiful dark sounds of DJ Bambi.

Shakespeare Poster MAIN.jpg


Tragedies & Comedies

We were proud to bring to the stage another magnificent showcase of dance at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre. 

Our ‘Shakespearean fools’ were a couple of highly entertaining hosts that provided comedic entertainment throughout.  This show brought together 13 choreographers of various genres of dance to pay homage to the magical writings of the legendary bard, Shakespeare. Through Ballet, Street dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Musical Theatre, over 200 performers brought to life 13 tales such as ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Antony & Cleopatra’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Hamlet’. This showcase was in support of The Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation.

1398_THE NIGHTMARE 3-4.jpg


The 3rd and final instalment of the Nightmare trilogy is finally here! This spooky showcase of dance theatre, with 13 choreographers and over 200 performers in full costume bring to life the nightmares from our favourite chilling stories and movies such as Frankenstein, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity and Corpse Bride.


This showcase will bring to the stage dance theatre at its best with ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary and more, along with an outstanding commercial soundtrack that will keep your senses buzzing with electrifying excitement. With an array of high energy dance performances presented by our chilling host, this family favourite will entertain us all once again with the final chapter in the Nightmare stories. See you all there!

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