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Masters of Choreography love to present this wonderfully educational and artistic concept to provide choreographers and dancers with a platform to showcase their genre of dance through their latest dance creations.


We create and stage dance showcases whereby we invite a group of choreographers of diverse dance genres to create routines with their selected dance teams. This is a unique opportunity for dancers to be selected by choreographers to be upskilled, to learn a dance routine and be taught how to bring a piece together to be performed on stage in front of a live audience. This platform creates a highly educational format for choreographers to teach dancers outside of their usual students and for dancers to be provided with the opportunity to receive specialised training from a choreographer that they respect, admire and support. This platform creates an amazing experience and opportunity for choreographers and dancers to network, create, teach, learn and present their talent and their dance pieces in front of audiences and industry professionals who may assist them further in the Arts.


We generate a concept and then provide our selected choreographers with a brief that is followed to create a fantastic showcase of dance entertainment. We illustrate and advertise our choreographers’ image on our show posters, we create individual highlight reels for the choreographic talent as well as promote them on our print and social media forums. We dress the stage and provide additional entertainment such as singers, live DJ’s, MC’s and actors. We aim to provide as much exposure as we can for all participating choreographers as well as dance talent.


Our showcases have proven to provide the choreographers and performers with an opportunity to showcase to a receptive audience, highlighting the best of their own work as well as representing their dance genre. It is a great way for them to network with other dancers and choreographers in the dance community. They may also be introduced to our corporate invitees and our other contacts within the entertainment industry, which may lead to opportunities of employment.  We love these showcases as they provide a creative, educational platform and industry exposure for choreographic talent and dancers, whilst enabling us to present an entertaining mix of genres to our audiences. We may also use this format to provide financial support to our chosen charities.


A Masters of Choreography showcase aims to provide our audiences with a captivating and thrilling night of dance theatre entertainment, presented in a show format. Whether it is ballet, street dance, contemporary or jazz, to name a few, there will always be something to entertain you on our stage!

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