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HIP HOP SHAKEDOWN is a performance experience open to all dancers wanting to gain further knowledge, skills, performance and new friends in a wonderful learning environment. 


Whilst creating these dance platforms we aim to inspire dancers to continue growing as artists, learn new skills in their dance training as well as gaining further performance and stage experience. 


Hip Hop Shakedown is a showcase of dazzling dance routines by local and international choreographers. These routines are created over several weeks with dancers that participate in the Hip Hop Shakedown workshops. The exciting conclusion of their hard work and dedication during the workshops is to perform at a venue in front of an audience that will cheer and applaud their skills and performance.


In addition to the performances, Hip Hop Shakedown has dance battles, beat box vocalists, rapping and an outstanding MC that works the audience into a frenzy of cheering and dancing!


This is an all ages event showcasing genres such as Urban, Krump, Breaking, Locking and Popping, Hip Hop and Street Dance, all to new and old skool tracks spun by the live DJ.

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