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Masters Dance Awards is an annual event which sees Dance Schools and Dance Teams compete for 1st, 2nd ,3rd place and Artistry Awards in Hip Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical and Jazz. The entire day of competition is filmed for television broadcast on Foxtel. Masters of Choreography acknowledges the wonderful efforts of the dance community with an Awards event that focuses on both Artistry as well as the traditional defined point system dictated by set rules and guidelines.


On the day of the event, each genre and age category is represented by various dance routines by all the competing dance teams and schools. These routines are assessed by our Dance Judges, professionals within the chosen genre of dance. Each genre and age group has the opportunity to receive a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement, as well an Artistry Award in several categories such as Most Entertaining, Best Choreography and Most Original. These results will be shown on the televised broadcast of the event.


Within a few days of the event, all dance routines are posted on the Masters of Choreography website where we then open up the event to the public via On-Line Voting! Public Voting takes place over 10 days via the On-Line Voting portal. Here members of the public can view each routine in each Genre and Age Category and can cast their vote for their favorite performance. One Vote is permitted from each registered email address. At the conclusion of the Voting period, all votes are counted to reveal an Overall Winner in each Dance Genre. The Public Vote Winners are then announced at the conclusion of the televised broadcast of the event. All Winners are presented with a beautifully engraved trophy – Masters Dance Awards - Winner Online Public Vote – Hip Hop / Contemporary-Lyrical / Jazz.


CHOOKAS to all competitors!!



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