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MASTERS OF CHOREOGRAPHY is Australia's leading commercial dance theatre and production company. Headed up by Jennifer and Milo Masters, Masters of Choreography have firmly established themselves as a powerhouse in the dance world arena.

Jennifer and Milo have been creating, producing and writing sell out shows, events and showcases around the world for over 25 years. Their highly professional yet down-to-earth, straightforward approach, along with their desire to have fun at work, has seen them maintain a successful career in the industry that they love.  

Their company and productions have featured throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and

the UK, with highlight seasons in London’s prestigious West End.  They have partnered with major international celebrities and worked with key worldwide events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Furthermore, Masters of Choreography have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world facilitating brand activations, entertainment and major corporate showcases. Some of their recent sold out dance theatre shows which have been in high demand have been Raise The Barre and the internationally acclaimed Beats on Pointe - with Beats on Pointe achieving a hugely successful 32 show season in London’s West End! With more commercial dance theatre shows ready to be brought to the stage, the next few years are set to be exciting times for Masters of Choreography. 

Masters of Choreography also take immense pride in philanthropy, donating their time, funds and incredible talent to much needed charities and foundations to facilitate fundraising for organisations and individuals that require support. Sustaining a career in dance can be exceptionally difficult and Masters of Choreography create an incredible pathway for talented dance athletes that are serious about maintaining their profession - providing them with ongoing work, opportunities, experiences and platforms for their dream careers. Their continuing education and stage training along the way has helped produce some of the dance community’s most elite talent.With hundreds of dancers and choreographers that have participated and/or contributed to Masters of Choreography’s productions and events - they are one of the leading “want to work for” companies in the dance community.

Their company ethos and integrity provide dancers and choreographers alike with a warm, heartening family feel. This is additionally reflected in its loyalty to their patrons and fans who repeatedly come back to show their support. There is a term that is endearingly used if you work with or support Masters of Choreography, and that is – “Welcome to the Masters family!” Masters of Choreography is more than a brand, it is an experience ... an entire dance movement. It captivates you from the moment you are pulled into its world. It is magnetic, fun and inspirational; and whether your experience of them is as a dancer or as an audience member at one of their shows or events, you will find yourself exploding with excitement and wanting to share your experiences with everyone you meet! 

Please stay connected to us ....... Masters of Choreography – For the Love of Dance!

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