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BEST CHOREOGRAPHY – A routine that displayed the most original and artistic choreography.


BEST TECHNIQUE – A group that displayed a high level of training and dance technique throughout their performance.


MOST DYNAMIC  – A routine that demonstrated the use of cannons, formations, transitions and unison executed correctly in performance. 


BEST GENRE FUSION – A routine that displayed two genres merged together effortlessly within choreography and performance. 


BEST PRESENTATION – A group that is well presented with clean and neat costuming that complements their choreography and theme.


BEST PERFORMANCE – A group that delivers the best connection with their performance and theme.


MOST ENTERTAINING – A group that is most enjoyable to watch and demonstrates a high level of performance. 


MOST ORIGINAL – A group that has the most original concept for choreography and theming.


MOST CREATIVE – A group who has cleverly used props and costumes to make their routine stand out.


MOST OUTSTANDING – A piece that stands out from the rest and leaves an impact - from performance to choreography to execution. 

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