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Held at the haunting Palais Theatre, this was the original showcase that brought to life so many nightmares and proved to be an outstanding hit with our audience.

A spooky, eerie showcase, 13 nightmares came to life by superbly choreographed dance routines encompassing several genres of dance fused with great music and terrifying costumes, all which was performed by an amazingly talented crew of professional dancers. There was the darker side such as the portrayal of Jack the Ripper, The Exorcist and Dracula, however there were also the lighter elements of nightmares through the depictions of The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Show. 

The show finale included a spectacular dance set of ‘Thriller’ by The King Of Pop Show. There was also a highlight feature performance of amazing live vocals by legendary Aussie rocker, Jimmy Cupples. 

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