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From the Clutches of Hell

Yes, we had to bring back the nightmares performed to your favourite genres of dance at the famous Palais Theatre. Following in the steps of the first Nightmare showcase, this show continued with the inside storyline of the child and her nightmares coming to life. We brought together 13 outstanding choreographers and over 200 performers to bring to life the nightmares that kept her awake at night – a street version of The Conjuring, a ballet version of The Omen and The Witch, a commercial jazz version of The Babadook plus some lighter pieces such as a street version of Ghostbusters and a jazz version of Beetlejuice.


This showcase proved again to be a wonderful hit with our audiences and ensured that we would return one day with the third and final instalment of the ‘A Nightmare on Dance Street’ trilogy. This showcase also incorporated live thumping beats from the beautiful dark sounds of DJ Bambi.

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